Emerging From The Netherworlds




released March 15, 1990

Stephan Gebédi -vocals/guitar
Erwin de Brouwer -lead guitar
Ed Boeser -bass
Remo van Arnhem -drums

Produced, Recorded and Mixed by Ulli Pösselt at RA.SH Studios.
Gelsenkirchen, Nov. 1989
Cover Concept by Thanatos
Cover Illustration by Eric Philippe
All songs originally released/published by Shark Rec./Crazy Life Music.
Gema 1990



all rights reserved


THANATOS Rotterdam, Netherlands

Global Purification’ is the name of the sixth full length album of THANATOS...an illustrious name that has been haunting the Underground Metal scene since 1984...

Stephan Gebédi -vocals/guitar
Paul Baayens -guitar
Marco de Bruin -bass
Yuri Rinkel –drums

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Track Name: Dawn Of The Dead
Rise, corpses, rise…Doomsday has arrived
Hell’s gates are opened wide…so rise
The earth is trembling, graves are opening, the undead are set free
Mass rebirth, mass resurrection, no way you can escape them

No more room left in Hell, they’re doomed to walk the earth
Satan’s legions march to war…to kill
You cannot run, you cannot hide
You can’t escape, you’re bound to die

In search of brains and flesh, they hunt the living down
Like a blow-job-hungry bitch, they suck you inside out


Satan’s master plan prevails: world domination, reign of fear
Kill the living, kill them all, Kill God’s creatures one by one
As the undead walk the Earth, world downfall is close at hand
God retreats, the battle is lost, Satan rules supreme

Will God strike back, and turn the night to day
Or will eternal dark be Earth’s perpetual fate?
Track Name: Outward Of The Inward
Creeping inside you, into your blackened soul
I hear the maggots marching
Your end is near, all emotions gone
But there’s no rationality either

CHORUS: You’re not worthy to live on any longer
I demand your death, ‘cause I know what’s inside of you

I leave you the choice, how you will end your life
Suicide is the only way to free yourself from inner fear


Outward of the inward, outward of evil

Track Name: Bodily Dismemberment
Fetus full of hate, hatred in his brain, Termination on his mind
Destroying the innards of his mother, eating his way out of the womb

Final stage of bodily dismemberment, giving birth to the ultimate in malevolence
Unleashing all the evil from the Netherworlds, to feast upon the flesh of every living soul

Tearing our your lungs and feasting on your flesh, plugging out your eyes and penetrating your chest
Leaving you to bleed to death all by yourself, continuing his search for victims to the death


He is the brood of our violent society
The incarnation of the evil that lives in our minds
All earthly abuses have led to his birth
The final stage of turning our world into Hell…

Track Name: Internal Deceit
As I look into the mirror of life,
I see someone else who just looks like me…
His face resembles mine exactly
But his eyes stare in a void


He forces me to approach the glass
To join life on the other side
But I won’t conform to your society
We’re not interchangeable; we’re not the same

Track Name: The Day Before Tomorrow

Scientific calculations and Bible prophecies predict a world’s end
In the year 2000 the extinction of the human race will begin

Punishment for our sins or just a result of damaged ozone, who will live to tell?
Earthquakes and epidemics, AIDS and leprosy, a million ways to die

If it’s true, is there anything we can co?
Will anyone survive? Will our entire race die?!
Track Name: War
Sent out to fight for my country
Sent out to kill, not to reason why
My country is at war with yours
Because of that I’ll kill

Our governments did not agree
So they decided to break the peace
Calling out a state of war
Commanding us to fight at the front

Bodies lie all around…
See them rotting, smell the stench
Napalm descends from the skies
Causing autopsy whilst being alive

Peeling the skin from my face
Burning my flesh, eroding my bones
Maggots crawling out of my eyes
Eating my eyeballs but I’m still alive


As I lie here rotting, waiting for my death,
Spilling forth thick streams of blood and pus,
I wonder, what the fuck have I been fighting for?
Dying after being used like a whore…

War: stupidity beyond imagination
Death: the result of this monstrous creation

Track Name: Rebirth
Born again, second attempt
Obsessed by hatred: “Destroy the Jewish race”


1940-45: the years he swept the Earth
Hitler and his Nazi scum, Harbingers of death
His body died in ‘45, but his soul will never rest
His evil thoughts still live on in many sickened minds
May he never live again in one or another form
His disgusting views are something we call can do without
But modern-day tyrants are following his steps,
Fascists, Communists, violent scum: we all demand your death

He’ll live again, in a megalomaniac’s brain
Preparing destruction, he’ll strike again…
Track Name: Progressive Destructor
In the name of Allah, they kill each other
The Ayatollah is their god, in Hell his soul shall rot

Progressive destructor
Progressive destructor

Women living in fear, their faces may not be seen
But between their legs he is pleased, and spills his unholy seed

Progressive destructor
Progressive destructor

Unholy sacrifice, senseless minds find their way to death
A new Führer has risen, a new nightmare has begun


Soldiers of Allah, blind obedience till the end
Mass destruction for faith
Dripping with blood, burning in flames


Secrets of pleasure locked up in the book
Fall to your knees for the Ayatollah’s commands
Live by the lies of your lord
Your lord who was aborted from the bitch’s womb…
Track Name: Impostors' Infiltration
Polluting our minds with their wicked lies
From the day you are born till the day you die

Intimidation, internal deceit
Indoctrination, ignore what they preach

Are you sure they can’t be wrong?
Gods, masters, leaders: the so-called chosen ones


Infiltration of the damned, rotting away standards of life
They live by violence, torment and pain, wasting our money, destroying our lives
No civilization, it’s only deceit
Under the cloak of a successful businessman, you’ll find a cruel monster
Only fools worship him
He’s the vomit of his mother’s womb, consideration, death and deceit
Imposters’ infiltration, poison of life
Imposters’ infiltration, for power you strive
Once you’re involved, you never escape from the grip of the syndicate
It’s too late, but next time it will be your fate
Track Name: Omnicoitor/Dolor Satanae
Track Name: The Meaning Of Life
Preachers tell you what to believe, parents tell you how to behave
Teachers teach you math and science, they tell you how to live your life
But look at what they’ve made of their lives, how can they tell us what’s wrong or what’s right?
If they had used their fucking minds, life on Earth would be just fine
Scientists invent new weapons instead of cures for diseases
All for the sake of our precious country
Preachers on TV steal your money and your soul, all in the name of Christ…

Now your parents are divorced, your teacher’s in a sanitarium
Your TV set is broken so there are no teachers on the screen
Grab this chance with both your hands, live your life the way you want
‘Cause you’re the only one who knows what’s wrong or right for you