Realm Of Ecstasy




2nd album of Holland's first ever death/thrash metal band. Released in 1992. Still counts as one of the absolute favorites among the band members themselves


released April 2, 1992

Stephan Gebédi – guitar/vocals
Erwin de Brouwer – lead guitar
Remo van Arnhem – drums
Ed Boeser – bass

Produced and Mixed by Ulrich Pösselt for Sugar Shack Prod.
Engineered by Steven Keusch and Ulrich Pösselt
All this happened at RA.SH Studios, Gelsenkirchen, Oct. 1991
Cover Concept by Thanatos
Cover Illustration by Eric Philippe
Photos by Kees Coomans, Theun K., Carla vd Marel
All songs originally released/published by Shark Rec./Crazy Life Music
Gema 1992



all rights reserved


THANATOS Rotterdam, Netherlands

Global Purification’ is the name of the sixth full length album of illustrious name that has been haunting the Underground Metal scene since 1984...

Stephan Gebédi -vocals/guitar
Paul Baayens -guitar
Marco de Bruin -bass
Yuri Rinkel –drums
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Track Name: And Jesus Wept
Centuries of horror, torment and pain
Chained by his dogmas, still praying in vain
The fear of god engraved deep in their hearts
The preachers of purity still playing their parts
Remember J.C., born as the son of god
Destined to end his life on a cross
He died for the sins of humanity
A ritual sacrifice—insanity!
And Jesus wept…

Hatred is burning inside of me
The flames of horror won’t set me free
Vomit is dripping from my mouth
Profaning earth’s unholy ground


For aeons and aeons insanity has reigned
Now is the time…to break the chains
Die for allah, live for god;
Deny the worth of your earthly existence


It’s over now…no more lies
Think for yourself…be your own god


Track Name: Tied Up Sliced Up
For years and years, the suffering, the tears
Imprisonment in my private hell
Sexual abuse, humiliation, castration, mentally deranged

Scarred for life by a woman’s insane mind
Her spirit still possesses me, even though she died
Her daughter will suffer, revenge on her progeny
Kill the ones she loves, right before her eyes

Concentration—victim in sight
Penetration—the law of the knife
Female garbage—screaming in pain
Slaughtered bitches—all sound the same


I tie you up as I slice them up, I’ll make you watch, you have to watch
I push their guts back into their mouths, I slit their throats and suck ‘em out again

Horrified yet fascinated by the noble art of killing
You keep coming back for more, it turns you on, you cunting whore!


I started out to make you suffer, to drown your soul in agony
But now the ride has turned, the setting has changed—it hits me in the face
Again I’m a servant to your perverted game
You’re just like your mother, you’re messing with my brain

Horrified yet fascinated by the noble art of killing
You keep coming back for more, it turns you on, you cunting whore!

Track Name: Realm Of Ecstasy
So many broken vows, I got used to it somehow
Dissatisfied with my earthly existence I strive for my luck in another dimension

Absorb the liquid messiah, my guide into the light
Drowning in a sea of twisted visions

As I become the “Bloodstar Rising,” Umztec, master, guide my soul
Enter the Realm of Ecstasy, enter the Realm of Gore
Todos Santos, celebration of death

Sub consciousness is the key to all unknown dimensions
Within your own reality the truth will be revealed

Enter the Realm of Ecstasy, enter the Realm of Gore

Track Name: Mankind's Afterbirth
The world will suffer unto mankind, man's ignorance, the sign of the times
All around us decline and decay, no use denying, accept your fate

People trying to save the world
Useless attempts, fighting in vain

They stand alone, they are held back by billions of others who just don't care
It's just the result of worldwide progression; the lack of challenge killed all ambition


No motivation to emerge from the masses
Of faceless people, who've lost their emotions
They don't give a fuck about what's going on
They only care about their own miserable lives


These worthless people are keeping down the ones who are trying to achieve their goals
Their only ability is to criticize the behavior of those who want more out of life
The only solution: get rid of these fools, they're mankind's afterbirth, stupidity's tools
Track Name: In Praise Of Lust
We're gathered here tonight to praise the Queen of Lust
To eat the fruits of passion, to live out our desires

Let the orgy of lust begin, no holds barred; there's seed to gain
Sluts and whores—forgot their names; we're servants of Lilith—we're all the same

As insanity takes control of our untempered minds and souls
Standards and morals are thrown overboard, no taboo is left untouched

Bathing in a sea of lust, a river of blood, slime and sperm,
The orgy reaches its final stage; the climax is near as they speed up the pace

Orgasmic holocaust, post-orgical remains
Bodies are shattered, but the testicles remain
The seed of life is collected by Lilith's loyal slaves
To form a race of super-studs and bitches without names




Forever forced to serve the lust of one another
Forever forced to fuck the shit out of each other
What at first seemed close to heaven, turned out to be your hell
As a servant of Queen Lilith, forever you shall dwell...

Track Name: Perpetual Misery

Driven by a force inside, no more will to live my life
Burned my bridges, played my cards
All illusions, dead and gone, forever darkness, no more sun
It makes me wish I'd never been born
I had my share of misery, pain and anger constantly
Building up inside of me
Waiting for my time to die, to meet my maker eye to eye
Revelation of the lie

Nothingness is what befalls me now
Misery until the end of time



Track Name: Human Combustion
My body is a wreck,
I feel like I've been dead for a hundred years or more
My skin has dried out
My flesh is showing through the holes in my face

My body is full of substances that should not be inside
I thought that I could take it; now I know I wasn't right

I know I should have known better, but it's too late to turn back now
I closed my eyes for reality and I embraced death with open arms

My blood is boiling, my flesh is rotting
The end is drawing near
I am a walking time-bomb, about to explode
So push the button, help me out and watch me die in flames
Human combustion—a sensational death
A pleasure for your eyes


Pressure from the inside
Imploding brain cells burning deep into my tortured mind
I'm a walking pile of drivel
But there's no one I can blame for it except myself

I am a walking time-bomb, about to explode
So push the button, help me out and watch me die in flames
Human combustion, a sensational death
A pleasure for your eyes
Track Name: Reincarnation
Take my hand, I'll be your guide, I'll lead you to the sacred place
Your body is chosen to become the mortal remains of our god
Reincarnation of his soul right into your dying corpse
Your worthless soul will be disposed, dispossession of your life

The God of Death is born again, his soul lives on in human form
Examining the mortal man in his own human shell
When the time is right for him, he'll leave this world as a king
Followed by millions of souls that will join him in the Netherworlds...

Track Name: Terminal Breath
In our final hour of darkness
Mankind breathes its terminal breath
Memories—all that remains
Human life as we know it...shall die!

Blackened clouds are closing in, evil forces gathering
Day of Judgment, Dawn of Death, planet Earth is now deceased

As your life passes
Before your eyes
The final chapter
You realize
Being drained of life
Drowning in pain
The ultimate horror
Intensely slain


Lungs are filled with the stench of death
Smell of blood and dismemberment
Suffocation now sets in, termination has begun

Fighting the pain in your soul, drawn to the gates down below
In the wastelands of Hell, you shall dwell

Reign of Death, Realm of Gore
Wastelands of Terror, the Kingdom below
Loss of senses, loss of control
Drained of joy, hatred within